Karin Hanson

Expertise and Passion

Karin has managed a successful event management business for more than 15 years and offers extensive knowledge and long-term experience in managing large conferences, tradeshows, incentive programs and special events.

A dedicated and passionate events project leader, Karin optimally manages the production of tradeshows, corporate meetings and conferences, exceeding client requirements and expectations.


Karin has been called a hybrid. Her experience in program, project and conference event management in a broad range of industries makes her an ideal partner with a significant network of global partners and vendors to produce quality events.

Karin’s in-depth knowledge of booth construction, graphics, and I&D requirements are key in managing large trade show projects. Her expertise includes a certification in medical meeting planning that requires companies to follow the rules and regulations necessary to conduct business in the medical industry.

Hosted Buyer 2015-2016


Karin is committed to the fundamental strategic meetings management programs (SMMP) model that captures all meeting-related costs and reports them comprehensively and accurately to management. The SMMP discipline is very important, as few large organizations know what they have actually spent on meetings, or whether that money was well invested. The Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) financial reporting requirements and tightened budgets are key to the success of an organization’s strategic meetings management program.

Karin excels at improving client ROO/ROI while maintaining or reducing expenditures. Working diligently with clients’ internal teams, partners and sponsors, Karin produces outstanding and above-expectation results for all participants. Her proven abilities in staff leadership, training, development and optimization along with her commitment to quality are exceptional.


Karin is a member of i-Meet Talent Bench and PlannerNet, and is a certified Project Manager and certified Medical Meeting Planner.

Karin holds a Bachelor of Science in Business/ Global Business Management and an Associate of Arts in accounting from the University of Phoenix (2012).



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